projects & exhibitions: 2015-2018

MIDNIGHT SUN: "Il giardino segreto" (detail), 90 x 120 cm, acrylic on canvas

exhibition: sapori d'oro




in occassion of the 11th edition of the annual local fair
"PANE, OLIO E ..."


21. & 22th  November 2015

Pza. della Republica,

00010 Montelibretti.











40 x 95 cm, acrilic/canvas

Get to the table! The dinner is served!


The oil fluids brightly out of the bottle into the throat, smooths the gorge and polishes the soul. The eye also wants to participate and enjoy, gloats over the bread and oil’s color and form, who duel cheekily on the tongue.


Within this little spectacle there’s not a dry eye: breadcrumbs pile up to mountains on smeary golden plates, beard and napkin share the menu, which the gourmant is watering with a closing nap of wine, and the empty bottles intone with hoarse voices a farewell-song.


This retrospective of small paintings will introduce the viewer into the flavors of the Sabinan Hilllands. The artist is dishing up on his canvas and wishes


„Buon appetito!“




> menu of the day! (gallery)

> report on italian tv (ztl) and interview with the artist.

exhibition: midnight sun

The exhibition MIDNIGHT SUN shows a selection of works from the previous two years within the ambience of the Vienna International Center in Vienna: next to paintings of the exhibitions GRATWANDERUNG and IL GIARDINO SEGRETO the viewer will also find artworks, which have been created during a brief stay in Wroclaw (Poland) in 2013.


Within these groupe of paintings the artist concentrated particularly on the handling of light and shadow as well as on the creation of figures, objects and space through the interaction of color and illumination. Furthermore these works have in common with each other the scenarizing  of a  human being striving for self-awareness within a mysterious and shady world.  Therein prevails a state of twilight - neither day nor night - a midnight sun, which is deliberately obscuring the enigma of the human protanist struggling with his desire for perception.




15th - 25th June 2015

Vienna International Center, Wagramer Straße 5, A-1230








60 x 80 cm, acrylics/canvas

catalogue: NEWS WAYS

The cataolgue about the previous year's project NEWS WAY, in which the artist was walking about 1.250 km by foot from Innsbruck to Rome, has officially been released in May 2015. The publication not only brings into focus the concluding painting cylce GRATWANDERUNG but also presents the variety and diversity of smaller works, created on the way itself,  information about idea and conception as well as an insight into the artist's creative process.


On 88 pages the reader will furthermore find a concomitant text, introducing the project itself and offering a survey of the picture cycle, followed by an interesting insight into the immense material of sketches and notes, which had originated along the walk, and finally accompanied by anecotes and fotos as well as background information about the two final exhibitions in the Vatican and in Innsbruck. Since the project could be understood since its beginning as a kind of interdisciplinary and cross-border untertaking, which aimed at the artistic experience and bringing together of different european regions, in Austrian and in Italy alike, the text has been written deliberately in two languages - GERMAN and ITALIAN.


The catalogue has been printed in high quality in cooperation with the grafic designer Katja Hasenöhrl ( and the printing house GRASL FAIR PRINT as a limited special edition  (400 pieces) and is also for sale. For further information about the catalogue please use the contact formula of the website.

exhibiton: il giardino segreto

The new painting cycle IL GIARDINO SEGRETO is visualizing and questioning the utopian idea of an idyllic existence by presenting dreamlike sceneries in a little pastoral house embedded in a bucolic garden.

Within this “hortus conclusus” the human protagonist desires nothing more intensely then a carefree life in harmony with nature. Lemons and orange brighten the night sky, while the sun rises at midnight behind the olive tree and the steam of the pastor’s pipe forms visions of vanity and decay.

In these interiors and exteriors the viewer is confronted with moments of joy and self-awareness, but simultaneously with the inevitable ambivalence of life and death and the awareness that the sensation of idyll will just remain momentary.









14th - 21th March 2015

Colibrì Art Shop and Gallery

Via die Latini, 1400 Roma.


22th - 29th March 2015

Istituto Comprensivo Statale, Piazza della Republica,

00010 Montelibretti.





60 x 80 cm, acrylic/canvas.