Mural painting on the Bartholomäberg

Since summer 2023, a very special art installation has been created on an eight and a half meter long outdoor wall on the Bartholomäberg in Vorarlberg: After an initial planning phase, in which 1:1 drafts for the transfer to the wall were made on site and partly on canvas in the studio in Vienna, the implementation of the mural began in July 2023. The interplay of the designed imagery with the landscape spreading out in front of this southern slope in the Montafon can certainly be understood as an outdoor chapel that transcends spatial and media boundaries.


I would like to give you a small foretaste of what will be seen on the mural and in connection with this project with this sneak preview: the photos document the creation process since the start of work in fall 2022 and show early sketches and drawings, the elaborate transfer of the designs to the wall using "blueprints" and finally the first brushstrokes on the wall. Since mid-September 2023, the entire wall has been painted with the basic structure of the composition. In spring 2024, I will start working on the details and the final artistic touches. This thread on my website will keep you up to date with developments: 


 » Click here for the sneak preview!


Matera | Rome | Vienna

»Sasso Uomo« (detail), 120 x 90 cm, acrylic on canvas

project: BORN OF STONE




Casa Cava
Via San Pietro Barisano, 47
75100 – Matera (IT)  

20th Jule - 3rd  August 2019


La Lopa
Via Bruno Buozzi, 13
75100 - Matera (IT)
4th August - 8th September 2019



Centro Pastorale Pellegrini di Lingua Tedesca
Via del Banco di S. Spirito 56
00186 - Roma (IT)

25th October - 8th November 2019



Istituto italiano di cultura a Vienna
Ungargasse 43
1030 Vienna (AUT)

21st November - 20th December 2019

» By initiating the project BORN OF STONE, I traced my artistic steps in the heart of Matera, with the aim of capturing my impressions from the there present existential simplicity of life: The visitor perceives Matera today as a giant maze of alleys, caves and rupestrian churches, similar to an organism made of stone, sculpted by those people who have continued to live here for over 9000 years. This continuity of human settlement also constitutes its ancient backdrop. What I found in the Sassi are cold stone houses, abandoned and destroyed churches, ruined gorges and forgotten paths that tell of the inhabitants who once lived here. My intention is not only to create a contemporary portrait of the European Capital of Culture 2019, but also to display the unique atmosphere of this city, a mirror shown to modern people reminding them of their origins. «


> more informations about »Born of Stone«...                [Florian Köhler, June 2019]







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